Calling all dirt track drivers

 If you find yourself out of the points championship awards at the track you been racing there is great news 

Centerville Super Speedway located in Centerville Arkansas 

Points is just now starting we call it 







POINTS WILL START SEPT 3rd. And go thru the last race event here at CSS

Anyone can get in the CHASE just show up EVERYONE is in the CHASE and EVERYONE starts out with the same points ZERO POINTS 

Centerville Super Speedway has always been well known for the awesome trophy and championship rings we hand out at the CSS awards banquet pics below tell your friends and come join the CHASE FOR A CHAMPIONSHIP  right here at THE OUTLAW TRACK OF THE SOUTH 

Centerville Super Speedway 

www. Centerville speedway .com

For more info call Wayne 479-970-0160

Front wheel drive 


Ok after hours of research and much consideration we have concluded that to make it fair for all fwd racers at Centerville super speedway there has to be some changes put into place in order for it to be fair and just for all drivers 

1-oem cars stays same rules

2 - outlaw cars must weigh 2500# with 200lbs behind rear axle

Listed below is what determines if your car is a outlaw car !

2a- Any aftermarket parts including but not limited to aftermarket door skins or hood or truck ect...


2c-changing of engines - throttle bodies or swapping out any other parts including shocks REGARDLESS if the parts swapped out are oem or not  to make the car handle better or run better or turn more rpms 

2d- any oem turbos or superchargers

2e - sho cars 


Centerville Super Speedway Is starting a brand new class in 2016 "YOUNG GUNS!"

1- no one over the age of 15 at the start of the racing season
2- motor 4 or 6 cylinder only
3- no turbos or super chargers
4- stock stock stock I mean everything stock everything !
5- door plate required and a roll bar with at least two down tubes
6- no passengers
7- front wheel drive or rear wheel drive small to mid size cars
8- t tops and sun and moon roofs must be closed up
9- doors & hood & must be secured shut
10- 35 pubs minimum tire pressure all 4 tires
11- same size on both front tires
12- fire extinguisher required in the car
13- neck brace required
14- Racing belts required

15- No Pryor racing experience in a racecar ( karts ok )




Official Accommodation Partners:

Economy Inn 479-229-4118

Comfort Inn 479-968-2424

Best Western 479-967-1000