2014 Modifieds

1. All IMCA Building Rules will apply on body and chassis with the following Exceptions 3-link or Leaf spring rear suspensions only no 4 Link, Zlink . Spoilers are to be 8 inch 10 inch side plates. 2450 min weight after the race with driver

Engine must be stock production. Factory blocks only. GM to GM, Ford to Ford, Dodge to Dodge. Flat top or dished “cast” pistons, NO domes. No bowtie or aluminum blocks. Casting numbers must be readable by tech official. No 400 blocks. Maximum cubic inch displacement to include clearance and wear is 360 for GM, 363 for Ford, and 370 for Mopar. All others must not exceed 370 CID. NO STROKING OR DE-STROKING.

3. INTAKES: Must have stock cast iron intake, two or four barrel. No bowtie intakes. No porting of the heads or gasket matching of intake or heads. Intake may NOT be reworked under the carb. area. No aluminum heads, no angle plug heads excluding Ford and Dodge. No double hump, or vortec heads for GM. NO aftermarket heads. Valves must not exceed IN 1.940 / EX 1.500 all manufacturers.

4. CARBURETORS: Can be no longer than a Holly #4412 500 CFM 2 barrel and must pass inspection from top side with gauge. Bottom of carb can be no longer than 1 11/16” in diameter. (MUST BE STOCK VENTURA 1-3/8”) May run Rochester 500 CFM 2 barrel. (Subject to be pulled off and checked) Factory OEM style distributors. (GM = HEI) NO MSD distributors, NO remote coils on GM distributors NO Aftermarket performance parts in dist. allowed. NO onboard electronic devices capable of storing information allowed with the exception of recall Tachometers. NO aftermarket electronic amplifying devices allowed. NO performance modules. Hydraulic camshafts and lifters only, stock rocker arms or roller tip rocker arms allowed 1.5Rockers on GM. Cam must be 480lift at the valve. (NO EXCEPTIONS) No flat tappet cams or mushroom cams. No roller hydraulic cams. $100 full protest for mods must hand money to flagmen or official before the car gets off the racing surface of track driver only can protest. Long block only. No racing fuel pumps. Or aluminum water pumps. Pump gas only no alcohol or racing fuel. ANY MANUAL TRANSMISSION MUST HAVE 180 DEGREE EXPLOSION PROOF STEEL BELL HOUSING OR EXPLOSION PROOF BLANKET.

5. TRANSMISSIONS: Factory stock automatics or standard transmissions. Must have working clutch. Must use factory stock 10” minimum diameter clutch and pressure plate. Stock steel OEM flywheels only. No Z-28 flywheels. (NO EXCEPTIONS) Stock type 10” or larger factory torque converters required on all automatics, temperature reading will be taken to ensure torque converter is not a dummy. Driver must be able to put car in gear from park/neutral and move forward and reverse at time of inspection.

Any asphalt pull offs only, must durometer 55 or greater. Grooving and siping is allowed
Steel racing wheels only. Maximum width is 10”. Right rear bead lock recommended. 5/8 thread studs and 1” lug nuts MANDATORY. No Aluminum shocks shocks will have a $60.00 dollar claim on them.



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