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The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.  NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND OR REGULATIONS.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinions do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY  SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OR SPECIFICATIONS.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.  Their decision is final.

General Rules and Safety

NOTE: "points go with car " (THIS STANDS FOR EACH CLASS) it is extremely to hard to keep up with who driving sorry!!

No traction-control devices in any class, period!

If you miss 6 consecutive race nights you will lose all points.

All points will go to the drivers (not the car)!

Drinking or misconduct such as fighting will result in suspension of car and entire crew.  The management reserves the right to refuse any entry of any car, and entrance to anyone by the driver, owner, or crew member who refuses to abide by the rules and the usual policy of conducting auto races.

All cars must have working starters.

Factory, Hobby, and Street Stock must have stock floor pan and firewall back to turn-up on frame.

Feature winners in lead sled, mini rods and hot rods will start on the rear of the feature the next regular event they race. May not apply to special events.

Anyone under the age of 18 years must have an Affidavit or consent signed by PARENTS OR LEGAL GAURDIAN.

The management reserves the right to change the race program or rules at any time to improve the racing program.

Any point or rule not covered herein shall be decided by track officials and Management at the necessary time and SHALL BE FINAL!

Fire suits are mandatory in all classes.  Approved racing helmets are mandatory.  Must have a “Snell” rating of at least 85.

All cars must be equipped with approved safety belts, no standard auto safety belts will be allowed.  Shoulder harness is mandatory.  All belts must be securely fastened to the frame and roll cage.

All cars will have a front and rear bumper at a reasonable height for pushing and must have a chain or steel loop device attached to the center of the chassis on front and rear to provide wrecker hookup.  Must have a 1 inch plug in the oil pan for inspection, needs to be on the driver side behind the motor mounts for tech inspection THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.  If it is not on the car, the car will not be allowed to race.

Windshield openings must have a minimum of three ¼” steel rods in front of the driver.

Line up pills will be drawn as the CAR comes through the pit gate, not as the driver, owner, or pit crew enter.  It is NOT the track’s responsibility to make sure a pill has been drawn for your car.  TRACK OFFICIALS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRAW FOR ANY DRIVER FOR ANY REASON.  All line-ups will be made at 7:30 p.m.  If you are not registered before that time, you will run tailback in heat.  If you wish to run tailback for the night, you must tell the officials when you sign in.  If any car does not line up for the race, all other cars will move straight forward in the line-up.

Race positions will be posted at the Pit Shed in the pit area.  It is the drivers responsibility to know his position.  All races will be aligned in the pit area.  Drivers will be called to line-up in pit area designated by pit stewards.  Qualified cars are to be in correct line-up and ready to start the event before entering the track, or pit steward is empowered to place the car tailback or disqualify.


The pole car should start the race, however this will be done at a reasonable speed.  It does not give them the right to keep the pace so slow that the cars behind are loaded up and about to kill their engines.  Flagman may give you the pick up speed signal.  If this signal is disregarded, the Flagman may start the race at any time OR put the car in the rear.  This includes single file restarts.  It is up to the two lead cars to set an even pace so that the race is started evenly.  If this cannot be done in the first two attempts because one car or the other attempts to get a jump of bog down the other cars, the Flagman, at his discretion, may put one or both cars to the rear.


DRIVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CREW MEMBERS AND FAMILY!  Any person causing or becoming involved in any unsportsmanlike behavior, including stopping on the race track to argue or protest will be suspended for the length of time set forth by Management and/or be subjected to a fine that will be put into a points fund.  Fighting will get you a ride to jail PLUS a suspension from the track.  The officers on duty are given the right by Management and state to enforce the rules and regulations as well as county, state, and federal laws.  THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!

Absolutely no race cars, tow trucks, or pit crews in the infield unless directed by Management or an official.  If you violate this rule and are caught, you will be disqualified and lose all points and money that night.

Pit crews MUST stay in the pit area unless directed otherwise by an official.  If a car is anywhere else (track or outer perimeter of the pit area or on the entrance or exit to the track) and a crew member touches the car in any manner, the car is AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED.  THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

ALL DRIVERS, CREW, ETC…MUST ATTEND THE MEETING PRIOR TO THE RACE…complete SAFETY and additional procedures will be thoroughly discussed and brought to every participant’s attention.  A driver’s meeting will be called only when deemed necessary, but when one is called, any driver that does not attend the meeting forfeits any protest or discussion rights for that night.

It is compulsory for ALL PERSONS who enter the pit area or spectator area to sign the Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.  If you have not signed this form and are injured, you will not be covered by the tracks insurance.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  We assume that you have read this form when you sign it.  All items (including tools, tow vehicles, race cars, etc.) are taken into the pit area at the owner’s risk and are not covered by the tracks insurance.  Track insurance is secondary to your insurance. 

Scoring officials will only discuss procedures, finishes, and points with the competing driver a particular race.  This simply means keep out of the scoring area, office and Flagman’s area if you have not driven in the race.  The officials have the authority to disqualify a car even after the race if his/her family members, fans, owner, or pit crew cause problems for them.

The officials will gladly discuss anything with the driver only.

All cars in which weight, cubic inches, tires, carburetor or inspection rules are applied, plus any car questioned and the driver notified, must go straight to the Inspection and Weight Station with NO stops at their pit area or elsewhere.  Failure to go directly to the Inspection and Weight Station will result in disqualification and the money and points earned that night will be forfeited.

The top three (3) finishers, at a minimum, will be thoroughly checked after the race(s).  Harassment of the pit stewards will not be tolerated.  Such action will result in suspension.  When teching a car, no one from another car will be allowed in the teching area.

Special events may be governed by different rules.  If so, amendments will be given on flyers for the event and/or at the drivers meeting.

No two way radios will be allowed.

If for any reason a race is run short or long, the race is officially over when the checkered flag falls.  All cars should be numbered  with large legible numbers (track officials will not be responsible for incorrect scoring of cars that have illegible numbers) on both doors, and on top.  Letters on doors of cars should be in contrasting color from body, (track officials will not be responsible for numbers that do not meet specifications) and be at least 24” tall.

COURTESY RULE: Any car racing from another track with minor rule differences will be given a one night courtesy pass, after that any necessary modifications must be made and the car be legal for the next visit on a regular race night.



A full four (4) post roll cage is required (all pipe must be welded).  Roll cage must be cross braced with a minimum of three (3) bars in both doors RECOMMENDED but X bar is ok in right door.  Cage must be a minimum of 1 ½” pipe of .095 thickness.  Cage must be cross braced in top with X braces.  Must have original floor pan.

Gas tanks MUST be in stock position.  FUEL CELLS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (max cap-22 U.S. gallons).  MUST be centered.  MUST have 10” ground clearance.  Gas tanks/Cells MUST be securely installed (metal 1” straps, bars, etc.).  Stock gas tanks may be put in trunk area.

Battery must be securely mounted in a battery box and held in place with bolts.

Racing seat is MANDATORY

FOUR-POINT HARNESS (seat belt and shoulder straps) REQUIRED AT A MINIMUM.





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